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What is Eth Restilhè


Eth Restilhè is an initiative that aims to develop the primary sector of the Val d'Aran, sowing, grazing, pruning, protecting ... in short, respecting and loving the land.

Some of the objectives are to carry out the production of vegetable and animal raw materials in an organic and natural way, by putting into production farms currently in disuse, mainly through the recovery of autochthonous varieties, such as the Bossóst bean, already recovered, recognized and in operation.

Marketing high-end food, generating local wealth and offering artisanal food to the final consumer.

De-seasonalize the economy of the Aran Valley, through the recovery of the primary sector.

Gourmet d'Occitània, wants to be a guarantee brand, where local producers, processors and merchants are grouped, with a similar philosophy; artisan products, made from raw materials produced locally.

The origins

Eth Restilhè owes its origin to the combination of several factors such as tradition in the production of culinary products of the highest quality, business tradition and initiative to develop ideas, products and new business concepts.


In 1902, Manuel Barra and Pilar Amiell bought an old cattle stable in the town of Garós. Manuel and Pilar were the grandparents of the current owner, Isabel Caubet, who in 1978, together with her husband, Emilio Sanllehy, decided to start up the restaurant that is known today as one of the most representative of the Val d'Aran.

From the old use of this construction as a cattle stable comes the name "Eth Restilhè" which in Aranese means the animals' dining room. This old space continues to maintain its essence for the enjoyment of diners.

Between the periods 1943-1947 and 1951-1976, the Sanllehy family ran a "colónia textile store", where, except for bread, lamb and beef, fresh fish and newspapers, everything necessary for the production was sold and elaborated. lifetime.

How we work

Our philosophy implies, among many other things, that the customer always receives the product as fresh as possible, so we try to make to order and the customer receives products that are practically freshly made and with a longer shelf life.

On Monday, we pack, label, and fit the orders.

On Tuesday first thing in the morning, the boxes with urgent transport leave (24/48 h.)

On Wednesday or Thursday the customer receives the order in perfect condition and freshly prepared.

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