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Er Obrador

deth Restilhè

Some of our precepts:

- use of traditional additives

- artisan production processes

- low temperature cooking

- manual packaging

- cured at low temperatures and high humidity

The workshop was born as the first arm of what had to be a multitude of small projects to supply the restaurant with the products it consumed, in this case, meat derivatives; patés, sausages and dry sausages.

The initial idea leads to research on products and recipes, which, after a multitude of trials, errors and some successes, end up being part of the Obrador's product catalog, why not offer them to the consumer?

Going back to the origins, recovering old recipes and flavors, with natural and local raw materials, with artisanal production processes and without wasting the advantages of technology.

For the production of its products, the Obrador selects only proven raw materials; handling, feeding and traceability and recovers old recipes and modernizes them, controlling processes, temperatures and drying times.


Patés (various formats)

From the house

Blue Cheese Blu

By Boletus


From African graffiti

Dried tomato

Selection of Patés


Black bull and black onion

Stir fry

Roasted Peppers Salad

Homemade flan


Foie gras



Dry sausage (pork, deer and foal)


Red Xorizo

Cured bacon

Duck Magrets

Semi - Cured Sausages


Fresh Sausages

Fresh sausage

Cow and foal burgers


Black Bull

Onion Bull

Bull White

Egg White Bull

Depending on the time of year and the availability of raw materials, we produce products in limited series and on request.


Boneless chicken

Pork roast

Boneless leg of lamb

* We accept special orders, recipes and new formats.



Most of the recipes used by the Obrador are selected from those of the people of the Val d'Aran, having shared many days of preparation with older people, to try to balance proportions and processes.

A posteriori and to obtain products that are as similar as possible to the original recipe, a multitude of tests have been carried out, isolating an infinity of variables in ingredients, processes, flavors and preservation methods.

We always work with top quality raw materials, the meat arrives from France every week, pigs raised in semi-freedom and with natural food. To produce products with another type of meat, the sources are always selected after visiting the site and observing the method of raising the cattle.

The spices and condiments arrive from Lleida and the mixtures are ground and prepared weekly, according to the work schedule, never more pepper than necessary, so that it does not lose strength or flavor.

No preservatives or colorants are used, flavor enhancers, etc ... we try to recover flavors, re-educate palates.

The doughs are prepared, crushing and mixing the ingredients and the spices, in a specific order and according to the established method.

All the casings are carefully washed by hand with lukewarm water, discarding the too greasy or the little resistant ones. Never more guts are washed than necessary.

All sausage, bagging or embedding processes are manual, reviewed and verified.

The cooking is at low temperatures, controlled in an interval of 1ºC, and the cooking times to the second. The temperature is lowered to 3ºC, in less than 10 minutes.

The cures are at low temperatures and high relative humidity, doubling the curing time and obtaining much tastier and more aromatic products.

It is always worked on command, so the product always reaches the consumer very fresh, except in the case of pâtés and foie gras, since maturation in the container provides notable improvements in the product, and also in the cured due to the long curing time .

The labeling is manual and special for each order and the distribution is carried out weekly, by express courier and without ever breaking the cold chain.



Er Obrador deth Restilhè

Les Closes, 12
25530 Vielha (Val d´Aran)
Tel. 973 643 329

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