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Eth Restilhè groups together a range of projects that intend to commercialize high quality products produced by hand, controlling the entire process from raw material to final result.

This allows us to offer the consumer a product of the highest quality while generating local wealth, consolidating the primary sector and establishing a population in the territory.


It was Aif

An initiative that aims to develop the primary sector of the Val d'Aran, sowing, grazing, pruning, protecting ... in short, respecting and loving the land.


Er Obrador

Going back to the origins, recovering old recipes and flavors, with natural and local raw materials, with artisanal production processes and without wasting the advantages of technology.


For more than 35 years, the Sanllehy-Caubet family has run this cozy restaurant built on what had been an old stable.

2013-08-01 14.05.19.jpg

Gastro Tasca

With a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, the place offers its clients a versatile and fun menu, to have a snack or to make a complete meal.

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